16 Critical Developments of the Coming Week! Beware of Crypto Coins!


We will see extremely important developments for crypto coins in the week of December. Investors should be prepared. Being prepared for the upcoming developments and monitoring the underlying developments gives investors a great advantage. So what are crypto coins waiting for next week? We address critical developments and expectations.

Developments Related to Crypto Coins

The coming week will be busy for investors and we will live the last days of the gloomy November. Below you see the important events, events and developments that investors should pay attention to. It is possible that Bitcoin and altcoins will see higher volatility during these developments. So what awaits us next week?

Fed William Speech 20:00
ECB President Lagarde Speech 17:00
ECB Members’ Speech at 11:10 and 16:30
US Consumer Confidence Index at 18:00 (Forecast 105.2 Previous: 102.5)
EU Inflation (Monthly) 13:00 (Forecast 1.5%)
US GDP (Quarterly) 16:30 (Estimate 99.4 Billion)
US JOLTS Job Openings 18:00 (Estimate 10.3 Million)
US Suspended Home Sales at 18:00 (Estimate -10.7%
Fed Cook Speech 20:35
Fed Chairman Powell Speech 21:30
The Fed Beige Book 22:00
US New Jobless Claims 16:30 (Estimate 231,000)
Fed Bowman Speech 17:30
US Unemployment Rate 16:30 (3.6%)
US Nonfarm Payrolls (Estimate -30,000)

Expectation in Crypto Currencies

Yes, the coming days are extremely busy, as we have passed the details above. Fed Member William may address the latest unemployment and home sales on Monday. Since the data coming from here is good, it is hoped that the explanations to be made will make crypto coins a little more comfortable. The Fed Beige Book, published 8 times a year, is a study that examines the expectations and current outlook on the US economy. In addition to this, important data such as GDP and suspended housing sales will be announced on Wednesday. These data are very important for the cooling in the economy. Powell, on the other hand, will assess the current state of the economy before the Beige Book at 21:30 in the evening.

Friday Thursday and the unemployment rate of jobless claims are coming. What crypto money investors need these days is for the cooling in the economy to continue. So the Fed can take its foot off the gas. Non-Farm Inflation data should also be expected. The dollar index is at 106 at the time of writing.

Finally, Genesis should not cause any more negativity next week. The possible bankruptcy decision will cause the entire market to turn upside down.

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