Binance New Coins! Binance Altcoins Will Rise!


After FTX collapsed, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume, has now grown even more. For this reason, the listings and announcements made by him greatly affect the crypto currency ecosystem. Although Coinbase has been aggressively announcing new altcoin listings for about 1 year, Binance is moving much more slowly. Of course, one reason for this is that there are a lot of altcoins that can already be traded on the platform.

Binance New Coins

I will mention a very important detail about the last listed altcoins on the exchange and the altcoins that will be listed on the Binance exchange. First, let’s take a brief look at the altcoins listed on the platform recently, and then I’ll tell you the golden rule of avoiding gossip and avoiding harm. The last listed altcoins by the Binance exchange are as follows.

These are the newly listed altcoins on the Binance exchange, respectively. Now let’s come to the “to be listed” altcoins section, this is the most important section. Especially for any altcoin on Twitter, you can accept all statements made such as ”will be listed on the Binance exchange“ or ”news of the imminent listing will come for Binance” as lies. A few months ago, he said the following directly on CZ.

Listings on the Binance exchange are announced only by us.
Even if the project that made the announcement before us will be listed, we will cancel it.
The fact that communities request us for listing via Twitter reduces the likelihood of that project being listed.
These are 3 really great items and important explanations that everyone should engrave in their minds. After that, when you hear “intelligence about Binance listing” from any account, you may not believe it. As CoinTurk, we are already sharing the listings announced by Binance with our readers instantly with the latest breaking news.

Binance Altcoins to Rise

There is no planned altcoin on the Binance exchange that is expected to rise in the coming days. Exactly like this, you can only predict the altcoins that will rise. Any development, news can cause this rise to start immediately or sudden drops to occur. For example, the FOMC Minutes will be released at 22:00, or the Fed meeting will be held next month. Such important developments are effective in the decline or rise of crypto currencies. In particular, the rise or fall of altcoins is determined by the developments in the projects. For example, the X altcoin will be listed on a major exchange. This development allows the altcoin to rise.

Such thinking investors were actually impressed by the SNM and AXS rallies that took place over the weekend. The reason for the AXS rise was obvious, such a high purchase came because the Binance API information of the users of a trade bot was stolen. On the SNM side, various claims were put forward.


The bulkless altcoins in the BUSD pair are being deliberately raised by Binance. (There is no data that supports this)
Market makers have withdrawn from the order book of some altcoins. (There are strong claims, but there are no official explanations, and even this does not explain the 70x rise)
The SNM is rising from the ashes.

The most ridiculous was the third, and there were those who believed in it. SNM was a project that is now dead and has not even updated its website. It was a speculative rise, and too many investors, tired of the decline of the market, tried to make gains by participating in this rise. Since very few people had SNM Coins in their hands, only investors were content to make purchases for a while.

Then, as expected, the price fell over 10 dollars to 1 dollar levels. Which altcoin will be the next speculative price movement on the Binance exchange? The speculators who started the pump movement know this. Trying to make a profit from such pump movements usually results in a loss, as an example is the investors who are still waiting for the SNM to buy from $ 10.

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