Can You Become A Crypto Millionaire? Big Eyes Coin Could Make It Happen As ApeCoin And VeChain Did


Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a meme project that crypto traders need to follow closely. Since the beginning of its presale, the project has been gathering momentum among crypto users. Taking a charitable approach, Big Eyes has quickly become a cute project.

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So far, Big Eyes’ cuteness and appeal are evident in its consistent charitable activities. This apparent social responsibility will distinguish Big Eyes from other dog-themed cryptocurrencies. Let us examine some of them.

Big Eyes Donated $1022 to The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

With the rising influx of cryptocurrencies, people are raising environmental concerns. This is because many crypto projects are plagued by high energy consumption.

The Big Eyes project will not need much energy to operate. It will be an environment-conscious project. This crypto project will contribute its quota to make our world clean and habitable.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation received a donation of $1022 from Big Eyes. This is its first step to showing its dedication to a clean environment. 

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is an environmentalist charity, which helps to address environmental concerns and widespread hunger.

Its mission is to plant 18 billion trees globally. It projects that this will make our climate far cleaner than it currently is. The numerous trees will help combat high carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Additionally, this legendary charitable organization will combat pollution. It will help build a world where humans and animals enjoy clean water and soil for survival.

More importantly, the initiative will help to produce abundant fruits for consumption. This will help to reduce world hunger to the nearest minimum.

Big Eyes Will Donate 5% of the Total Supply to Save the Ocean.

In addition to aiding in tree planting, Big Eyes also intends to protect the oceans. Human activities have resulted in deeply dangerous incidents like oil spillages and widespread pollution. Big Eyes has taken up the rule to counter these issues.

Can You Become A Crypto Millionaire? Big Eyes Coin Could Make It Happen As ApeCoin And VeChain Did

Big Eyes will keep 5% of its total supply in a charity wallet. These assets will protect the ocean and its countless endangered species.

Big Eyes will also collaborate with other charitable organizations to achieve its clean ocean goal. This union will foster an ocean-oriented narrative that will benefit humans and aquatic life.

Comparing Big Eyes With ApeCoin

ApeCoin (APE) is a new project designed to revolutionize the web3 space. The platform provides a medium of exchange within the Bored Ape Yacht Club Metaverse. 

APE is the project’s native ERC-20 cryptocurrency. It will be the fuel behind its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). ApeCoin will allow its users to interact with the ecosystem without third-party interference.

Interestingly, it will operate as a community-based project. Holders of APE will enjoy governance rights. They can decide on future project modifications and help it improve.

ApeCoin operates on the Ethereum blockchain network as does Big Eyes. It is also community-centered, so there are obvious parallels to be drawn. However, Big Eyes’ community initiative is a step above ApeCoin’s.

Big Eyes will make 90% of its assets available to its users. Holders of BIG will enjoy ownership status, and they will be eligible to recommend operational policies.

Comparing Big Eyes With Vechain

The emergence of VeChain has helped to provide solutions to the supply chain. It handles every operation in the following industries: energy, medicine, food, and beverage.

This project operates as a private consortium chain. It provides a digital platform that promotes hassle-free data sharing between users.

Big Eyes is entirely different from Vechain in terms of charity. It promotes speedy transactions in its ecosystem as it is with Vechain.

However, Big Eyes offers more charitable endeavors than Vechain. This suggests Big Eyes will be a gem investment to crypto enthusiasts over Vechain.

How To Purchase The Big Eyes Coin in its Presale

The Big Eyes presale is still available, even though it is in its sixth stage. You can enjoy the fantastic features by visiting Big Eyes’ official website.

You must fill out the digital form. Choose from these cryptocurrencies, BNB, ETH, or USDT, to fund your wallet. Make sure your wallet is linked to the presale platform. Click on “Buy Now” to complete the purchase.


The crypto space will be famous for charity. The emergence of Big Eyes will guarantee this. Crypto enthusiasts will enjoy massive wealth in the form of BIG and NFTs. The project will also make important steps to heal the ocean. To join the growing Big Eyes community, get ready for the Black Friday special offer by clicking here, and using code BLACKFRIDAY50 (goes live on Friday the 25th)!

Can You Become A Crypto Millionaire? Big Eyes Coin Could Make It Happen As ApeCoin And VeChain Did

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