Commission Resti from the Crypto Money Project to the Technology Giant Apple!


Coinbase Wallet, the wallet arm of the US-based giant crypto currency exchange Coinbase, announced on December 1 that it has terminated NFT transfer support for iOS users, citing Apple’s inability to make a 30 percent commission cut in gas fees. Coinbase’s announcement caused Apple to be the subject of fierce discussions in the crypto money community. MetaMask wallet co-founder Dan Finlay also opposed the tech giant’s high commission deduction. Finlay made statements that drew attention to Apple while taking a rest.

Opposed to Apple’s Commission Deduction

Dan Finlay, co-founder of the MetaMask wallet, who opposes Apple’s high commission deduction, said that they support Coinbase and are ready to leave the Apple ecosystem. Drawing attention to Apple’s monopolization due to its 30 percent commission deduction, Finlay asked, “Will Apple also take a 30 percent commission deduction from my credit card transactions on Apple Wallet?”.

In the commission lawsuit filed by Apple against Epic Games specifically for the App Store, it was seen that the technology giant stated that the concept of a 30 percent commission deduction originated from the gaming industry. Finlay pointed out that this is also the reason why there are no commission deductions for platforms such as Netflix.

Apple introduced its new commission deduction policy for NFTs and cryptocurrency transfers in October of this year. However, Apple’s new commission policy has actually been shelved in accordance with the court’s injunction. The tech giant lost the lawsuit filed by Epic Games, the court ruled that the application developers allowed users to talk about the possibility of paying cheaper outside the App Store.

New Service Proposal: Pre-Pay Transfer Service

MetaMask co-founder Dan Finlay has proposed introducing a new prepaid transaction transfer service to help Apple users avoid the aforementioned high commission deduction policy. Hard-charging at Apple, Finlay said:

Apple doesn’t follow any rules here. It’s just squeezing. Maybe it’s time to set up an external pay-in-advance transfer service so that there are no in-app purchases. One can act quite easily in the face of Apple’s ridiculous practice, because this is complete nonsense.

On the other hand, Finlay said that they are in touch with senior executives at Google, that the search engine giant is acting by staying in touch with the ecosystem, rather than acting by making arbitrary policy Decisions.

The MetaMask co-founder concluded his remarks as follows:

One of the strangest parts of this particular policy decision is how arbitrary it is. Why are commission deductions made only for transaction fees on NFTs? Why is it not made from NFT sales? Also, why is it not done from other transactions or sales? And, of course, why not pay commission deductions from other payment services? This discrepancy is frustrating, because there is no clue where this will end.

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