Crypto Exchange Bybit Will Establish Integration with Apex Pro


The central crypto exchange Bybit has announced that it will integrate with the decentralized crypto exchange Apex Pro.

Recent crypto events are moving the crypto money market forward in a bearish trend. The market, which has not been able to gain upward momentum for a long time, could not get out of the impact of bad news. The process, exacerbated by the Terra crisis and the US interest rate decisions, was fueled by the bankruptcy of FTX. FTX, which is called one of the largest crypto currency exchanges in the world, experienced a major collapse and also affected the market.

All these processes have led to the fact that investors are turning to decentralized exchanges. Making a move to this situation, Bybit announced that it will establish integration with the decentralized stock exchange Apex Pro.

Bybit Will Integrate the Terms Centrality and Decentralization into a Single Platform

The popular crypto currency exchange Bybit will establish integration in order to provide a decentralized and centralized service to its customers. This connection with the decentralized stock exchange Apex Pro will launch services on a single platform. Users will be able to make any type of transaction they want through this platform.
Apex Pro, which uses the scalability engine of the Starkware company, offers a decentralized exchange service based on privacy and security. This service will be integrated into the Bybit system along with the wallet, which does not store customers’ personal information.

“It’s part of our mission to be a trusted gateway to Web3, and this integration is an important step on that path,” said Bybit co-founder and CEO Ben Zhou.

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