Cryptos with the ability to lead – Privatixy Token (PXP), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP)


The Ethereum Token’s (ETH) price plunged this year giving many the chance to buy its market dip and without warning rapidly changed bullish last week as the impending merge date of 9th September was announced. Privatixy Token (PXP) news…

This teaches us that cryptocurrency isn’t stable and this isn’t a good or bad thing as the crypto market for any token works this way. Today we bring you tokens starting with the innovative Privatixy Token (PXP), and then moving on to Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) for their potential to lead in the crypto space.

Privatixy Token (PXP)

Privatixy Token (PXP) is the native cryptocurrency of the Privatixy Protocol (PXP) which in turn is an open-source software giving users many privacy-preserving solutions. It does this whilst maintaining a decentralized and easy user interface.

The Privatixy Token (PXP) operates as an open-source cryptocurrency encouraging the large implementations of its base protocol. Being open-source creates an exponential increase in the potential applications and distribution of the network. 

This also means the Privatixy Token (PXP) is transparent and open to the public with how it manages its data storage.  Such mechanisms make Privatixy Token (PXP) resistant to data manipulation or tampering increasing its value to cryptocurrency users.  

The Privatixy Token (PXP) was created as a solution for the inadequacies many blockchains find themselves with such as privacy problems.  Buying these tokens with 100 fiat dollars gives you a 1 per cent bonus in the native token and 250 dollars gets you another 3 per cent on top of the initial 1 per cent. This only takes place on presale so head to the website and see if Privatixy Token (PXP) is for you!

Cryptos with the ability to lead - Privatixy Token (PXP), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP)

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is a blockchain many would say is the second most popular relative to Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum (ETH) is decentralized and allows for smart contracts to take place within the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem. Many layer-2 blockchains use Ethereum (ETH) because of Ethereum’s (ETH) scalable nature and smart contract capabilities.

Ethereum (ETH) uses the proof-of-work mechanism which unfortunately is energy consuming but Ethereum (ETH) is planning to have a merger whereby the Ethereum (ETH) consensus mechanism will become a proof-of-stake one. 

This is in cooperation with The Beacon Chain ledger of accounts, Ethereum Token (ETH) are native and are possibly a considerably worthy purchase at the moment because of this. Ethereum tokens (ETH) also keep the ecosystem robust in addition to being Ethereum (ETH) digital assets.  Any development within Ethereum (ETH) will see the Ethereum token (ETH) strengthen as well and they grow the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain by driving the demand for the native token.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple (XRP) is a network designed for money transfer aimed to satisfy the financial service needs of its users. The native Ripple token (XRP) is the powerhouse behind the Ripple (XRP) ecosystem. This native Ripple token (XRP) is needed for every transaction that happens within the XRP Ledger and after a transaction happens the token gets destroyed to reduce the number of coins.

A decline in the Ripple tokens (XRP) value of at least 4.42 per cent over the last 8 days is being seen but nothing too dramatic. Ripple tokens (XRP) are valued and usually rank in the top 20 tokens for cryptocurrency market capitalization making it a potentially wise choice.

Privatixy Token (PXP)


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