Does P2E gaming Have a Future?


Does P2E gaming have a future? Crypto Unicorns founder Aron Beierschmitt talks to NFT Steez about the key points blockchain games need to create a sustainable economy of games and profits.

As gaming around play-to-win (P2E) platforms began to fade in early 2022, Web3 attendees began to emphasize the need for games to be “fun” and not focused on money. In the latest episode of NFT Steez, Alyssa Expósito and Ray Salmond chat with Aron Beierschmitt, CEO of Laguna Games and founder of Crypto Unicorns, about the support of P2E focused blockchain games.

For Beierschmitt, the evolution from a game-to-make-money model to a game-to-earn model shows that there is still a test and qualification to be seen for these games. “Nothing has changed in the game,” Beierschmitt said. But with blockchain technology, the crypto community and gamers can play, own, and can earn money from these gaming and earning systems. The big question is: is it sustainable?

Paradigms and emotions of P2E games

Regarding the change of influence around P2E and the way Crypto Unicorns approach it, Beierschmitt said that it “defines the way for support through the combination of economic farm simulation” and “game loops”. employees and its environment. These game loops should not have a certain style and function, but also have to be fun and engaging for the players, according to Beierschmitt.

However, he also admitted that blockchain-based games are not for everyone, and Crypto Unicorns’ target demographic is more of crypto-natives. According to Beierschmitt, there is no “incentive structure for free games”, in which developers maximize profits from small players spending free games. This difference creates a “paradigm shift,” in which Web3 games allow players to gain a new level of freedom and control over toys, resources, and skills.

For Beierschmitt, this is what makes the type of game-getting “interesting”, where players can win on the way while playing their favorite game. Web3 not only enables player ownership and ownership, but in a form of governance, players and participants are now empowered to “own the direction of the game, the environment and the intellectual property [intellectual property] ” said Beierschmitt.

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In-game security is a work in progress

In-game security has proven to be a constant factor for many gaming and revenue streams. Discussing the factors that are important for the economy in sports to be sustainable in the long term, Beierschmitt explained that one factor that helps is the power between the players and the workers. The passive players are the ones who invest and the players work hard to progress in the game themselves.

However, Beierschmitt pointed out that in order to be sustainable, “skill-based game loops” and “token pits” must be created, because this brings the player back to the economy and environment. residence. As Beierschmitt said, many athletes are still processing their transition from the “growth phase” to the “maturity phase”, but he firmly believes that there is a “good future ahead!”

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