FTX Hacker Moved $200 Million Worth of ETH to Various Crypto Wallets


The FTX hacker moved 180,000 ETH to various cryptocurrency wallets.

The attacker had stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from FTX, which had filed for bankruptcy protection.

Alarm for FTX Hacker

The hacker who stole about $ 400 million in digital assets from the bankrupt crypto currency exchange FTX has reappeared. According to Etherscan’s data, the hacker moved 180,000 ETH worth about $ 200 million to 12 separate crypto wallets.

Blockchain experts said the attacker could possibly be an insider with access to the exchange’s cold wallets. Kraken’s security team said they knew the hacker’s identity because they used personal verified accounts to pay transaction fees.
Another blockchain firm, Arkham Intelligence, testified that the FTX attacker panicked and lost a significant amount of money while trying to convert coins.

The hacker’s move today was to convert the funds to RENBTC (a version of Bitcoin on the Rhine bridge). Ren is known as a blockchain bridge with close ties to Alameda Research.

Crypto experts have warned exchanges that hackers may want to convert their money into fiat money.

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