Heavy Response from Cardano Founder to Those Who Call ADA Ponzi


Charles Hoskinson has lashed out at members of the Ethereum community who call ADA a ponzi scheme in a newly surfaced video.

Tensions continue to rise within the cryptocurrency community in the midst of one of the industry’s biggest crises to date. While the leading cryptocurrency projects that have emerged recently, including Terra, Celsius and FTX, have collapsed, Cardano continues to perform normally. The arrows of criticism were translated into Cardano’s crypto currency ADA. But its founder, Hoskinson, took a tough stance when he saw that ADA was being characterized as a ponzi scheme.

Heavy Response from Cardano Founder to Those Who Call ADA Ponzi

Cardano Founder Responds to Ponzi Scheme Criticism

Charles Hoskinson, known as one of the founders of Ethereum, is at odds with members of the community behind the second largest cryptocurrency.
The events unfolded after Bankless founder Ryan Sean Adams tweeted that pitchforks (pitchforks) were out for the “wrong people” in light of the recent FTX drama. Names from the Ethereum community have described Cardano as a ponzi scheme.
Hoskinson, who was very angry at the evaluations, gave a response containing irony and heavy accusations against the community.

Hoskinson quoted the Twitter exchange, saying:

“Remember that Cardano is a scam. Thank God we have things like Celsius, LUNA and FTX to protect us.”

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