Coins to Help You During Bear Market: PrivaCrip (PRCR) and PancakeSwap (CAKE)


Recently, when the cryptocurrency market has been shrinking, it has been stated that many investors have experienced a meltdown in their portfolios. This situation, also defined as the crypto crash, draws attention with its buying opportunities, although it causes anxiety among investors. PrivaCrip news…

The cryptocurrency market attributes these contractions to unexpected developments in the markets. This contraction, triggered by the recent Terra (LUNA) depreciation and subsequently increased by the news from the global markets, has deeply affected the market.

Experts emphasize that regardless of the reason for the contraction, an upward wave will begin again soon, emphasizing that it is possible to buy the dip in this period. It is stated that investment trends will follow an upward trend, especially with a rise to be experienced in the short term. It is predicted that the coins on the market and the newly developed projects will gain serious momentum.

Newest on the block, PrivaCrip (PRCR)

PrivaCrip (PRCR), which has been shining in the last period and is thought to be mentioned much more frequently, especially from the first quarter of 2023, aims to close a major deficiency in the field of security required by blockchain-based applications. This ecosystem, which can be used in every field, including decentralized finance applications, makes smart contract applications much safer and more efficient.

PrivaCrip (PRCR) also manages to attract attention thanks to the staking program it offers to its investors. This program provides the opportunity to earn passive income by providing high returns and voting rights on the DAO.

Coins to Help You During Bear Market: PrivaCrip (PRCR) and PancakeSwap (CAKE)

Staking and Profits, PancakeSwap (CAKE) 

There are hundreds of exchanges operating in the cryptocurrency industry. Unlike CEXs, PancakeSwap (CAKE) does not hold your money when you trade. It offers the privilege of owning all of your own digital currency. It also helps you get very high-interest rates and CAKE tokens and other coins. Users with CAKE tokens currently earn high-value free tokens from major projects. New projects are added to the platform every day. In this way, more returns are obtained in the long run. Since the PancakeSwap (CAKE) platform has open-source software, all smart contracts are transparently visible to everyone. It is also worth noting that PancakeSwap (CAKE), one of the most popular DEX platforms today, was created by a group of anonymous blockchain developers.

Extremely Secure and Private, Tezos (XTZ)

Tezos (XTZ) is a decentralized blockchain that its developers claim is extremely secure and private. It also has a Self-Amending Crypto Ledger (SACL), which essentially means that its network can upgrade itself without needing hard forks (i.e., splitting into two blockchains as a result of disagreement). XTZ was one of the many cryptos that went through a severe crypto crash in 2018 but has since recovered some of its value. 

As of June 2022, its market value is estimated at around $1.3 billion. While its purpose is similar to that of other big players in the crypto world, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, its unique selling point is its security and privacy features. In particular, Tezos uses a form of formal verification that mathematically proves that smart contracts will execute as intended. This makes it attractive to developers who wish to create applications on its blockchain.


The current market conditions are not ideal, but that does not mean you should avoid all cryptocurrencies. PrivaCrip (PRCR) is a good investment for the long term, and PancakeSwap (CAKE) has the potential to become a leading player in the crypto industry. Invest wisely!

PrivaCrip (PRCR)


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