RoboApe: Inflation Effect On Crypto: Why Is The Market Suffering?


If you have even a passing interest in the crypto market, you’ll know that it’s suffered a major crash over recent days. RoboApe news..

The market has been acting erratically for a while, so the crash did not come as a huge surprise to many. Crypto enthusiasts and investors were, however, hoping that the market would gradually begin to rise. At the time of writing it is impossible to predict how long the crypto market will be down, never mind which cryptocurrencies are prepared to weather this storm. 

Certain projects presently in presale, such as RoboApe (RBA), are in a stronger position than many, in part as they are yet to be publicly launched.

RoboApe: Inflation Effect On Crypto: Why Is The Market Suffering?

Inflation Effect On Crypto

With so much going on in the world right now, there are a lot of factors contributing to the downfall of the market, with the overwhelming reason being inflation. As prices have risen significantly worldwide recently due to the pandemic and war in Ukraine. Experts claim interest rate hikes will ease the pressure on the crypto market’s weary shoulders. As citizens across the world struggle financially due to price increases, many adopters have slowed investing in crypto presently, leading to the crash

Although many cryptocurrencies claim to be inflation resistant, inflation as a whole still impacts the entire financial system in a multitude of ways. As people pinch their pockets during inflationary periods, it’s clear that the crypto industry wouldn’t be impervious.

Why Presale Projects Are Safer Right Now

Crypto projects that are in presale are in a better position right now because they are not directly affected as of yet. Token prices already being low, they can continue to build a community and raise funds, especially as many investors have already turned towards the presales since the dip. 

RoboApe is a prime example of a great project in presale presently. It has been attracting attention since it began its presale due to its unique features and services. Focusing heavily on its utilities such as RoboApe Academy and RoboApe eSports, RBA presents itself as an attractive investment opportunity to users. In RoboApe there exists a warm hug of security as its unique features suggest it will continue to attract the eye of investors well past its launch. 

How Does This Differ From Established Coins?

Crypto project QTUM is a solid example of a standard cryptocurrency in today’s market. Ranking in the top 100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap, QTUM has decreased in value by almost 30% in the past week. As a secure project doing well, it is now suffering as users hesitate to invest given the precarious mood of the economy. 

This is why projects like RoboApe are better investment opportunities, able to ride the storm on a surfboard of unique features. 

Although right now users may be struggling financially due to inflation, if you’re looking to gain an extra income through crypto, presale project such as RBA is wise. It is advisable to further your research and keep an eye on the market as climates change in the blink of an eye.

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