Can You Earn King sized gains with RoboApe (RBA), Ripple (XRP), and Solana (SOL)?


Earning returns from cryptocurrencies is easy if you plan to avoid short-term volatility and instead focus on long-term gains. This is known as the “HODL” strategy in cryptocurrency parlance. However, it requires a careful selection of coins with strong fundamentals and the ability to hold them without any emotional bias. RoboApe news

We have selected three cryptocurrencies that could potentially turn out to be great long-term investment assets. These three coins are RoboApe (RBA), Ripple (XRP), and Solana (SOL). Find out more about these three tokens below. 

Can You Earn King sized gains with RoboApe (RBA), Ripple (XRP), and Solana (SOL)?

RoboApe is a DAO Governed Meme Token

RoboApe will be governed by a decentralized autonomous organization. It is a meme token that will leverage the power of the community and establish itself as a leading token providing multiple utilities. 

Some of the services provided by RoboApe are described below. 

1. RoboApe NFT Marketplace: The NFT marketplace being built by the RoboApe team will help users in minting RBA cards that can be traded providing a way for monetization of assets. 

2. RoboApe Swap: It will include a token swap mechanism along with a native bridge that will help in processing cross-chain transactions easily and quickly. 

3. RoboApe eSports: A gaming platform that will include community sports contests for its users. 

4. RoboApe Finance: RBA is a DeFi meme token that will allow users to generate a passive source of income. 

Holding the RBA Token will provide various benefits including membership in the DAO which will allow users to participate in the governance of the platform. It will also allow users to earn free airdrops as half of the transaction fee is returned to wallet holders. 

The RBA Token could be a good potential investment as it has a burn mechanism included in the contract. Half of the transaction fee is burnt each time a transaction is processed. You can purchase it soon through a presale

Ripple Gets Integrated With Allbridge

Allbridge has integrated with the XRPL (XRP ledger) allowing DeFi capabilities on the Ripple network. It will help in bridging XRP with other chains such as Solana, Terra, Near Protocol, BNB Chain, Fantom, etc. Andriy Velykyy, co-founder and CEO of Allbridge commented, “Allbridge became the first bridge to connect XRP Ledger with the expansive DeFi ecosystem.

The integration with XRPL allowed us to deeply enhance our cross-chain expertise and offer a truly unique solution to the market. Our end goal is to establish an interconnected cross-chain environment.” The XRP Token is a good potential investment and could experience a rise in value in the future if adoption increases at the same pace. 

Solana Based SolSea Announces Trading NFTs With Project Tokens

SolSea, a Solana powered NFT marketplace will allow project owners to deploy NFTs that can be traded using the native project’s token. The announcement was made via a tweet, “SolSea is the first marketplace that supports the creator economies and integrates trading of NFTs using project tokens! Integrating that system we are giving the token the next level of utility and usage by holding and trading with them.”

he SOL Token will see increased adoption as using the Solana blockchain requires payment of fees in terms of the Solana Token. The Solana Token has seen a lot of adoption and usage as the Solana blockchain is preferred by many developers due to its rapid transaction times and high security. 

The three tokens above could potentially deliver huge returns in the future. The RBA Token is a new launch that could help in bridging the gap in DeFi. It is a meme token that will be made available at very low prices. It will be easy to accumulate huge quantities of this coin. 

Do your research before investing as cryptocurrencies can be very volatile and tend to react quickly to rumours. 

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