Despite The Turbulent Market, MUSHE ($XMU), ($ETH), and ($SHIB) Are Leading The Flock


Following the ensuing crypto market decline, there’s a strong chance you’d feel disenchanted, no winning horse in the race. MUSHE news…

There is however, a way to differentiate between the good, the bad and, the ugly projects. Despite the current turbulence, exciting, imaginative, and ambitious cryptos lay in wait to take the crown. 

And just like smart souls who invested in ETH, a project powered by the Ethereum blockchain and founded by Vitalik Buterin in 2014, for only 0,31$ per coin, there are emerging opportunities that should be seized today.

What should you look for? Not the smoke and mirrors hype surrounding a token but instead straightforward functionality, applicability, and interoperability. 

Today, we will cover MUSHE (XMU), ETHEREUM (ETH), and Shiba Inu (SHIB), explaining why the bet will pay off in the future. 

When Everything Comes Together

The first token that we will cover today is MUSHE (XMU), it deserves particular attention, not because it’s a novel project but because of its core characteristics. 

It is a decentralised token with functionality that enables various peer-to-peer interactions and unlocks different rewards and governance options. Through (XMU), the project promises to advance payment solutions and drive core revenue streams via trading and financial services solutions.

An essential advantage of this project is its applicability referenced via the enhanced user experience. Planned to be achieved through an easy-to-use and globally accessible mobile application, this promises low interchange fees and rewards through the utility of (XMU) token. 

Oh, and we should not forget that it’s built on the Ethereum blockchain with plans to migrate to Stellars’ open network. This transition will occur because MUSHE values interoperability as one of its core tenets. A feature allowing (XMU) token to achieve absolute efficiency, lower transaction costs, and financial inclusion for non-savvy tech users. 

Taking into account that the presale stage will only last until the 4th of July 2022, you might consider this a worthy venture, especially considering the price of 1 (XMU) is only 0.005$. 

Programmable Money

Despite The Turbulent Market, MUSHE ($XMU), ($ETH), and ($SHIB) Are Leading The Flock

(ETH) should be a go-to-coin for anyone investing in crypto. Its diverse functions include holding, transacting, borrowing, lending, trading, earning, and even betting. Think of it as programmable money, providing absolute autonomy for its users by allowing anyone to encode it on this network since it’s openly neutral. 

As a result of eliminating the need for intermediaries (banks or other entities), these turn into protocols where computer algorithms run everything, minimising the chances of human-related contingencies and fallibility.

Under Vitalik Buterin’s meticulous management, Ethereum also amalgamates three rapidly developing industries: DeFi, NFTs, and Gaming, by being an integral part of their latest development. Whether these are DApps ensuring the lending of assets to a liquidity pool, marketplaces selling NFTs, or play-to-earn games built on the Ethereum blockchain – all of them come under the Ethereum umbrella. Believe that having an independent agency for money operations has a viable future? In that case, retaining this as a long-term asset should be your top priority. 

Meme To Rule Them All 

Although (SHIB) is a meme coin, in reality, it offers so much more than just the community behind the token. Since its inception in August 2020, it’s become a decentralised token that has risen among the ranks of the top cryptocurrencies and developed into a vibrant ecosystem. At the time of writing, the total number of SHIB holders sits at 1,146,486, according to WhaleStats, and these numbers are increasing daily. 

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain and with support from Vitalik Buterin, (SHIB) dares to defy rigid social structures and traditional approaches to problem-solving in the evolving world of DeFi. 

The glistening cherry on top is the emerging decentralised ecosystem ShibaSwap founded in July 2021. It provides a safe space to trade crypto while remaining fully decentralised, with the (SHIB) token being one of the prolific projects to generate returns, exchange assets, and receive awards. 

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