Everything you need to know about Metamortals ($MORT)


What is Metamortals? 

Metamortals is a blockchain DeFi game that chose not to follow in the footsteps of its peers by developing an NFT gaming platform. Consider a world in which consumers may enjoy Play-to-Earn games without having to cope with the costly minimum criteria that are available in the gaming landscape of competitors.

When most people think of Play-to-Earn, they think of NFTs, but that is far from what this gaming concept entails. People only think about avatars, lands, weapons, and other valuables in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens.

The concept of play-to-earn gaming has progressed beyond that point, now incorporating decentralized finance aspects.  GameFi stands for Gaming and Finance. GameFi adds decentralized financial aspects with the crypto gaming concept. This implies that users may enjoy an amazing experience while navigating the game, earning money, and engaging in DeFi activities such as staking, yield farming, token exchanging, and much more.

Metamortals, in addition to being a crypto game ecosystem, is developing a virtual social world in which people from all over the world can engage. Because it uses technologies such as normal social media, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, it allows for real-time interaction in the virtual.

Imagine being able to do more than just play games in a crypto gaming ecosystem. Metamortals give $MORT community members the option to build a virtual economy, expand their resources, and earn money. Metamortals has an incubating mechanism that allows new crypto platforms to acquire cash to further improve their architecture. It connects innovative crypto firms with possible investors with idle capital.

What can Metamortals offer?

Not only will the members of the community enjoy the fantastic gameplay, but they can also choose to invest in the tokens of crypto businesses with the expectation that their value will rise. This crowdfunding facility is evaluated before any crypto startup is authorized to use it. The material provided by the team is considered, their whitepaper is examined, the tokenomics are examined, and other critical factors are examined. As always, it is critical to conduct due diligence before investing in any crypto business listed on the crowdfunding platform.

There are various advantages for both crypto entrepreneurs and community members. These startups will gain access to a fundraising tool to help them build their projects. Metamortals has a saving infrastructure in addition to a crypto incubator system. Gamers can profit from a savings system that is similar to typical financial platforms’ deposit accounts, only that the advantages are more attractive.

The saving mechanism will support both tokens available in the Metamortals ecosystem and tokens available outside of the gaming ecosystem.

Everything you need to know about Metamortals ($MORT)

Aside from navigating the game, community members can earn money in Metamortals in a variety of ways. One of them is taking part in community-building activities. Various community-building exercises will be developed to increase community cohesion. Those who participate in these activities and are chosen have the opportunity to earn money.

Another strategy that will be used to incentivize Metamortals community members is airdrop. Those who complete the assigned responsibilities during an airdrop may be rewarded. These are just a handful of the countless ways that crypto fans might profit from Metamortals. Yield farming is a DeFi feature that is popular among crypto traders due to its lucrative side. It is synonymous with liquidity farming, which includes infusing liquidity into many pools for various purposes.

Why Metamortals?

As a decentralized network, Metamortals must obtain the necessary liquidity through decentralized ways, which is where yield farming comes into play. The liquidity provider earns a percentage of transaction fees as well as fresh tokens by providing liquidity.

With its decentralized structure, the Community Council, which is controlled by the community, Metamortal’s ultimate goal is to become a trustworthy user-owned gaming platform. As a result, we incorporated the concept of DAO, which may potentially replace the majority of new characters’ skills in the game.

Owners of $MORT DAO have a say in how the platform is administered, as well as what features are added to the game and incentive systems. The beauty of $MORT DAO is that it allows projects to become decentralized and independent, forming and rallying a community by systematically dispersing authority to people – hierarchy is no longer required.

The beauty of the $MORT DAO is that it allows the Metamortals project to become decentralized and autonomous, forming and rallying a community by systematically dispersing authority to people – hierarchy is no longer required.

So don’t wait anymore, invest in Metamortals!


Website: http://metamort.io/ 

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