New Trademark Applications for Metaverse Tokens


A new application suggests that a large investment is ready to start its game in crypto, looking at new opportunities in the metaverse.

$4.5 trillion asset management company Fidelity Investments has filed three new trademarks covering a wide range of Web3 products and services, including the NFT store and crypto trading platform Metaverse. Filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on December 21 under serial numbers 97727409, 97727473, and 97727439, respectively, the patent application relates to a non-fungible token (NFT) have text and visuals, when you give something. various tasks related to the virtual world.

These include an online store for buyers and sellers of digital media, referral services for investment advice and financial planning in the metaverse, investing in virtual stores, and marketing and development services. . Notably, the patent application also targets investment services for mutual funds and pension investment services in the metaverse.

Fidelity is responsible for educational activities that include “the conduct of studies, conferences, seminars and conferences in the field of investment and in the field of financial services markets in the metaverse and other virtual worlds”.

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Uncertainty From the Latest Crypto Crash – Metaverse

The Boston-based company filed its new patent application less than two months after the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX and its sister Alameda Research, which not only saw the price of the main cryptocurrencies fall, but also shattered faith in the future of crypto and big company.

Although Fidelity recently released an early listing for Fidelity Crypto, a new product that will allow retail investors to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum from their phones and – unpaid, the company sends positive signals to other companies.

In April of this year, Fidelity, which is also the largest provider of 401 (k) retirement accounts in the United States, announced plans for a new product that provides companies and their employees with access to Bitcoin.

The move has been widely criticized by some US lawmakers, with a group of lawmakers including longtime crypto critic Elizabeth Warren warning the company last month against offering Bitcoin to its customers after the failure of FTX after.

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