Odyssey’s success causes Arbitrum to fail


Exchange costs on Arbitrum surpassed those on the Ethereum Mainnet recently.

With the expense of trading tokens transcending $6 on Arbitrum this Wednesday, the Ethereum network turned into a relative deal at just $5.36.

One client inquired, “Why even bother with a L2 that is more costly than L1?”


Only weeks after send off, Arbitrum has taken the choice to stop the Odyssey program, putting the drive on driving up exchange costs across the organization. Odyssey was expected as a two-month program empowering clients to encounter an assortment of on-chain projects inside the biological system. Consequently, clients would get non-fungible token (NFT) rewards including the work of art of Ratwell and Sugoi.

Practically speaking, the Odyssey’s prosperity immediately made Arbitrum come up short. Arbitrum had to cut short the two-month venture not long in the wake of heading out. Presently it says the Odyssey won’t go on until after the send off of Nitro, a redesign intended to build its exchange throughput greatly.

“In a post-Nitro world, Arbitrum will have fundamentally greater limit before it starts to hit clog,” guaranteed Arbitrum from the organization’s true Twitter account.

“This will make exchanges reliably less expensive and the client experience substantially more firmly lined up with a normal excursion, much under heavier burdens. In light of the weighty burden being placed on the chain causing higher than typical gas expenses, we’ve concluded it is ideal to stop the Odyssey until Nitro is delivered so all networks and ventures inside Arbitrum keep on having a grating free encounter,” the organization said.


The send off of Odyssey pushed the scaling arrangement past its functional cutoff points. Day to day exchange volume on the chain dramatically multiplied from 97,129 toward the beginning of June to 287,019 on June 27. Little marvel that the organization is feeling the strain.

When Nitro?

Albeit the specific day for kickoff of Nitro actually stays a secret, expectation for its send off is mounting. Presently clients who had been taking part in the short-live Odyssey have one more motivation to anticipate its send off.

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