Brief Overview Of The GameFi Ecosystem: Metamortals (MORT) 


Metamortals (MORT) 

For a very long time, video games have been among the most widely used leisure and entertainment devices. Millions of individuals all around the world use internet gaming as a social medium as a result of how widely popular video games have become.

Numerous innovative concepts for applying decentralization and crypto elements to the gaming industry have been inspired by the burgeoning blockchain ecosystem. As a result of the merger of the gaming industry with DeFi, the idea of Gaming Finance, or GameFi, has emerged.

For those who are unfamiliar, we introduce the idea of GameFi in this article. Following that, we’ll introduce you to Metamortals (MORT), one of the newest crypto platforms in the GameFi category, along with all of its unique concepts and previously unseen features. Let’s get started. 

Overview of GameFi Ecosystem 

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a sector where token-based transactions like lending and borrowing take place on decentralized digital ledgers called blockchains, which were originally utilized with Bitcoin. GameFi typically refers to decentralized applications, or “dapps”, with financial incentives. It merges cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs and game mechanics to produce a virtual world in which users may engage and make money. GameFi has a “play-to-earn” business strategy. This idea is around offering players cash incentives to play games and advance through the levels. Some blockchain games let players make a full-time living while they play.

Metamortals (MORT) 

(MORT)  is a new cryptocurrency blockchain DeFi game that chose not to follow in the footsteps of its peers by developing an NFT gaming platform. Consider a world in which users may enjoy Play-to-Earn games without having to cope with the costly minimum criteria that are available in the gaming landscape of competitors. This is exactly what the developers of Metamortals intend to offer to its users. Metamortals is a groundbreaking platform that mixes saving, earning, and entertainment. Metamortals is a blockchain-based DeFi game that immerses players in a fantasy and adventure world. 

The developers of Metamortals are looking to change the image of crypto gaming platforms with a dull game and similarly dull gameplay. Users of Metamortals can assume the form of virtual avatars to explore a fantastical environment and participate in challenging adventure games. The Metamortals token, MORT, will power this play-to-earn game. When players perform various tasks within the game, such as exploring, supplying liquidity, staking, and doing much more, they are rewarded with MORT tokens. The MORT ecosystem will have two tokens: MORT DAO, which is the governance token, and MORT, which is the game token.

Any user in possession of this token has the option to sell them on the exchanges where they are listed, keep them as investments in the hope that their value will rise in the future, or use them to purchase MORT DAO. 

Brief Overview Of The GameFi Ecosystem: Metamortals (MORT) 

Features of the Metamortals Ecosystem

Metamortals P-2-E Feature

Metamortals fulfill the criteria for a simple and rewarding Play-to-Earn game. The days of spending hours playing video games without making any money are long gone. When gaming was first thought of, it was viewed as a pastime and an enjoyable way to spend time. By creating a game that keeps players glued to their seats and gives them the chance to earn significant rewards, Metamortals is disrupting this traditional trend. A leaderboard system that shows the position of various players in the game will be developed to spice up the experience. The prize money for tournaments will be significant. This digital ecosystem is propelled by the MORT cryptocurrency. 

DeFi on the Metamortals Ecosystem 

Metamortals, a blockchain DeFi game with decentralized finance capabilities, differs from other games in this regard. Consider a scenario in which players can learn about DeFi while having less stress. This will encourage the broad adoption of DeFi features. As a DeFi game, Metamortals combines decentralized finance elements such as yield farming, incubator, savings features, earning chances, Learn-to-Earn features, and decentralized exchange.

DAO Feature 

To become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Metamortals intends to transition from a traditional DeFi gaming protocol. As a result, all stakeholders in the community will have influence over and management of this ecosystem, rather than just a small group of team members. To be a stakeholder, users must possess the MORT token, which serves as the ecosystem’s governance token. A governance committee will be established to make sure the DAO operates successfully every day. As always, users can cast votes for the candidates they want to see on the council.

Metamortals (MORT)


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