Outlier Prediction! Analyst Who Gave a Date For $ 50,000 in Bitcoin: 3 Altcoins Will Explode!


Outlier Prediction! Analyst Who Gave a Date For $ 50,000 in Bitcoin: 3 Altcoins Will Explode!

2 of 2023. Quarter..!

A widely followed cryptocurrency strategist believes that Bitcoin is preparing for a major rally next year. Analyst Michaël van de Poppe told his 642,700 Twitter followers that Bitcoin will reach $42,313 by June 2023 and then $50,324, according to important Fibonacci levels. According to the expert, the 2nd of 2023 in Bitcoin. we will witness big rallies in the quarter.

Bitcoin is trading at $ 17,334 as of now, with an increase of 1.63% during the day. Van de Poppe is also closely watching Ethereum (ETH), which he said will probably continue its upward trend after breaking the resistance at the $1,200 level. According to the analyst, Ethereum has not yet reached the target price. Therefore, ETH will also continue to gain momentum. Ethereum is trading at $ 1,290 as of now, with an increase of 2.45% in the last 24 hours.

On the analyst’s list is Cosmos (ATOM), a blockchain ecosystem designed to scale and communicate with each other. According to Van de Poppe, the bullish trend will continue as long as Cosmos is trading above $10. According to the expert, the largest support level for the ATOM in this process is $ 9.40. In order for the rally to continue, it is necessary to hold the 10 dollar. The ATOM could then go up to $12.25. ATOM is trading at $ 10.41 as of now, up 3.38% for the day.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)!

The latest altcoin on the investor’s radar is the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which allows users to create personalized domain names for their crypto addresses. According to Van de Poppe, ENS is preparing for a rally after converting resistance around $13 into support. According to the analyst, a break above $ 13 and the conversion of resistance into support are important factors. Most likely, ENS will continue to gain value. The ENS can reach $ 15.40 first and then $ 17.

According to analysts, there is a high probability that BTC will lose momentum in 2022, both due to macroeconomic conditions and the domino effect caused by the FTX crisis. While the Federal Reserves have signaled a return to smaller interest rate increases, the risk of recession continues. The current environment needs to change for Bitcoin and altcoins to reach new heights. Analysts, on the other hand, are divided on when the bear market will end.

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