Find The Best Presale Projects With BoostX, TrustPad, and PolkaStarter


Investing in crypto projects that are in the presale stage seems to be the new trend for profit recently. Given the current circumstances regarding the crypto market, it is not surprising that investors are looking to invest in upcoming projects rather than the already established ones. BoostX news

As token prices are low, investors know that if they find a good project that is likely to do well once launched, they will receive major gains. 

As it is still unknown when the crypto market will begin to rise once again, the use of launchpads has risen as they provide users with the best presale projects to invest in. Picking only the highest quality projects, BoostX, TrustPad, and PolkaStarter are the launchpads you need to help you find the right project to bring in profits.


BoostX uses premium launchpad technology to provide users with early access to the most exclusive crypto projects in presale. With each project handpicked and vetted to ensure they are all of the best quality, users can have confidence that all projects are considered trustworthy and secure. 

Being a multi-chain launchpad, the best projects built on blockchains including BNB, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Terra will be promoted on BoostX, offering a diverse range of projects. This makes BoostX stand out from other launchpads as many stick to one blockchain, keeping the projects limited. 

BoostX also offers a dynamic dashboard for its projects including dynamic pricing, static pricing, and so on. This helps make the project unique and more attractive to investors. 


As the title of this launchpad emphasizes, TrustPad is the safest launchpad within the crypto market. Ensured to handpick each project, investors go to TrustPad with full certainty that they can invest in any project without any worries about safety or security. 

Also being multi-chain, TrustPad offers a range of projects currently in presale so its users have options to choose from. TrustPad is similar to BoostX in the sense of its key features. Some of TrustPad’s key features include; rug-proof mechanisms, guaranteed allocations, being fair and transparent, and showcasing high-quality projects. 


PolkaStarter is unique to other launchpads as it allows crypto projects to raise funds by launching pools for users to invest in. This is a new way to raise money as this means PolkaStarter does not handpick the projects, but instead the communities that launch the pools do. 
Despite being fairly new in the crypto space, PolkaStarter has shown its potential by already attracting over 35,000 investors and helping new projects succeed. Being another multi-chain platform, there is a wide variety of projects for users to invest in. There are already 109 funded projects at the time of writing, with over $48.8 million having been raised.

Find The Best Presale Projects With BoostX, TrustPad, and PolkaStarter

Which Launchpad Is The Best One To Use? 

Whilst all launchpads have their benefits, BoostX is one to keep an eye on. Being one of the most diverse launchpads in the space, you’re bound to find a presale project to suit your needs. With so many features and great potential to help projects succeed, it seems like this is where you’ll find the most gains. 


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