Solana Blockchain Has Problems Again


Solana’s wallet, Phantom, declared that it will send off another update one week from now to additionally reinforce its security subsequent to fixing a “wicked weakness” found by blockchain network safety firm Halborn in May a year ago.

Solana wallet Phantom

Bug in Solana’s Blockchain

Solana finds another bug in its blockchain The issues for the Solana blockchain don’t end here
After a bug in the framework obstructed its blockchain overall for the umpteenth time last 2 June, presently comes the declaration of another update to the Phantom wallet explicitly to expand the security levels of the framework, following the disclosure of another bug in the framework.

The weakness found by the IT organization Halborn concerns the program expansion wallets MetaMask, Phantom, Brave and XDeFi. The new bug could figure out how to arrive at clients’ wallets, as per sources at the security firm, which is dealing with another update that ought to determine the issue.

MetaMask had proactively made an update two months prior to fix a similar issue, and presently it is the turn of Phantom wallet, the crypto wallet of the Solana environment, which in February shut a Series B financing round for $109 million, in this way sending off its IOS application and carrying its all out valuation to $1.2 billion. After just a brief time after its send off, its application had proactively arrived at very nearly 2 million clients.

This weakness found by the network protection firm goes back similarly as September 2021, and after the principal mediations on the framework to address it toward the start of the year and afterward in April, without prevailing with regards to settling the issue, most authorities on the matter would agree, this update ought to now at last be the conclusive one.

MetaMask additionally adds to arrange improvement

Solana Blockchain Has Problems Again

MetaMask has likewise supposedly found the very bug and revealed that it influences a tiny piece of its 30 million clients.

These proceeding with issues influencing the Solana blockchain, considered as of not long ago as Ethereum’s most risky opponent because of its versatility and low expenses, have prompted a genuine breakdown of SOL, which has lost around 70% of its worth in half a month, slipping beneath $30, from around $140 two months prior.

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