Suspicious flow of Terra Labs funds


In the midst of allegations that the generally advertised breakdown of the calculation based stablecoin project TerraUSD (UST) was an inside work, Do Kwon’s organization Terraform Labs is confronting new claims, incorporating having an adequate number of resources in Tether (USDT) and TerraUSD to use in unlawful exercises.

Suspicious flow of Terra Labs funds

Without a doubt, research has found that Terra Labs had near $3.6 billion in USDT and UST that might have been utilized for value control or tax evasion in concentrated and decentralized finance (DeFi) trades, as per a CoinDesk Korea article distributed on June 28.

During this review, CoinDesk Korea cooperated with blockchain security organization Uppsala Security and utilized on-chain information measurable strategies which permitted them to examine the breakdown of (LUNA) after the episode on May 7.

As well as revealing that the breakdown might have been the aftereffect of an inside work, they led extra on-bind information investigation to follow the progression of undisclosed assets worth about $3.6 billion.

Dubious progression of Terra Labs reserves

As the article makes sense of, CEO Do Kwon has revealed usage subtleties for (LUNA), UST, and Bitcoin (BTC) through his SNS or Terra Foundation. For example, in case of the UST de-fixing, the organization will attempt to save the cost utilizing the assets it holds.


Nonetheless, after inspecting the on-chain information, investigators found that the source and utilization history are hazy for the crypto wallets straightforwardly possessed or oversaw by Terraform Labs and Luna Foundation Guard (LFG).

The slush supports they saw this as way added up to about $3.6 billion in UST and USDT. Additionally, the experts found that these assets might be utilized for value control and illegal tax avoidance of the old LUNA (presently LUNC) in DeFi and unified trades.

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