The Argentine Football Association Has Established a Partnership for Metaverse Compliance


The Argentine Football Association, AFA, has partnered with Upland, a global virtual platform, to introduce its fans to the metaverse. Upland will allow Argentine fans to have a greater connection with the history of the AFA, giving access to digital displays of many sporting events, including clubs, matches, historic moments and even tickets.

The Argentine Football Association AFA will establish a presence in the metaverse

The Argentine Football Association, AFA, the national football governing body, is now entering the metaverse. The organization has partnered with Upland, a real-life graphics metaverse project, to bring its users into the metaverse and reap the benefits of close connections with famous teams and players.

According to a press release issued by the AFA, the Upland partnership will include a digital presentation of all sports teams, including players, tickets, games, historical moments and special moments on the platform. It will also enable the club to attract young people, web3 fans, and digital collectors from around the world of football. The four-year deal is the AFA’s first agreement with the aim of bringing additional revenue to the Argentine Football League through the sale of several licensed digital assets.

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Second market

However, this metaverse experience will not be a one-way street, as the platform will allow fans to sell these digital collections, establishing a secondary market. The Argentine Football Association hopes that this will improve the relationship between the club and its fans and make the international league more national when a country wins the FIFA World Cup, which was held in Qatar recently. recently.

Claudio Tapia, President of AFA, celebrated this partnership to take advantage of emerging technology opportunities in the metaverse. He said:

This agreement allows us to collaborate with the best technology producers and new digital products and thus creates a new source of income for all participating clubs. We welcome Upland as a new commercial partner of our Association and of the Argentine Professional Football League.

Other soccer teams around the world, along with some of their affiliates, have already jumped into the triple whammy. La Liga España, Spain’s national soccer team, has already committed itself to Metaverse-related initiatives, partnering with Globant and Dapper Labs to expand its presence on Metaverse and establish a marketplace for licensed digital products.

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