The Shiba Coin Whale is Money …


SHIB, the second largest meme token, continues the day with a loss of 3 percent and the trading volume is falling. The statements made by the Fed yesterday caused Bitcoin and altcoins to perform below expectations. The BTC price, which exceeded $ 18,300 with the support of investors who were caught up in excessive optimism, was at the level of 17,500 at the time of writing.

Shiba Coin Latest Status

The second largest meme cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu (SHIB), is trading under a huge selling pressure due to increased volatility in the crypto market. According to the Lookonchain report, a SHIB whale may be preparing for sale. The data shows that the whale could earn more than 23 million dollars from the SHIB, which was transferred about 17 hours ago. more than 207 billion SHIB have been moved. However, after that, the price of Shiba Inu fell by 3%. Analysts noted that the whale bought about 3.49 Trillion Shiba Inu in 2020 at a cost of about 2.37 Ethereum (ETH). The whale had spent 1.83 ETH (the approximate price at that time was $ 1,967), while buying another 2.27 Trillion Shiba Inu.

Later, he bought 1.22 Trillion SHIB, which cost him about 0.54 ETH (the approximate price at that time was 266 dollars). After this accumulation, the Shiba Inu Price rose in April 2021. However, the whales took this opportunity and began to sell what they had. According to the data, they transferred a total of 2.94 Trillion SHIB tokens.

However, the whale still holds about 0.55 trillion Shiba Inu tokens, and if he also sells this, he could earn over $ 18 million. There is no reason for him not to sell SHIB tokens that he bought at close to zero cost for now. According to the calculation, SHIB, purchased in 2020 for 2,37 Ethereum, will somehow bring more than $ 23 million in profit.

How much is a Shib Coin?

SHIB Coin finds buyers from 0,0001671 TL in Turkey-based exchanges. In the last 24 hours according to the data, SHIB reached a volume of 74.9 million TL. The popular altcoin, which entered the Turkish stock markets last year, has many investors in our country. Investors who showed interest in breast tokens with high volatility were accumulating SHIB even before the Binance listing. The price, which scored a lot of zeros from the price of the first year, still remains a profitable accumulation for early investors.

SHIB, which is close to its Binance listing price today, may face intense selling pressure in the coming weeks if Bitcoin suffers more serious losses.

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