The Ultimate Guide To Supontis Token (PON)


Supontis Token (PON) is a new crypto project to enter the market and focuses primarily on blockchains to facilitate the cross-chain transfer of assets between the blockchain networks on Ethereum, Binance, Tron, and Fantom. Supontis Token will include a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in its governance and will provide users with a high level of decentralization. 

How Does Supontis Token Work?

Created by a team of anonymous project creators, Supontis Token essentially acts as a bridge, allowing users to transfer assets between blockchains. When an asset transfer is initiated, the mechanism locks the assets in the initial chain and forms the same amount of wrapped assets in the other blockchain. During the transfer, the assets are not moved. Instead, the machine uses a smart contract to execute the transfer request. 

This is possible due to the two-way binding system that binds the value of the newly minted tokens in the destination blockchain to the original ones in the beginning blockchain, giving them the same value.

Why Is It Built On The BNB Smart Chain?

Supontis Token chose to be built on the BNB Smart Chain due to its ability to program smart contracts. Its smart contracts are created using the object-oriented, highly secure programming language, Solidity. 

This was a key feature for (PON) as the asset transfer mechanism on this bridge uses smart contracts. Additionally, Solidity is a tool for writing machine-level code and building it on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which is something BNB is compatible with. 

With the support of the BNB Smart Chain, (PON) has many benefits including: 

  • High-security levels
  • Quick transaction speeds 
  • Low transaction costs

Hence, by choosing BNB Smart Chain, (PON) will have the most advantages and be able to achieve its goals efficiently. 

Does Supontis Token Have A Roadmap?

Yes, Supontis Token does have a roadmap that is split into three stages: 

Stage One

● Idea Formation

● Launch Of Website

● Whitepaper Release

● Marketing For Presale Phases

● Presale Phases Begin; One and Two

● Certik Audit

Stage Two

● Presale Phases End; One and Two

● Official Token Launch

● $PON Listings On PancakeSwap

● Website Update

● CoinMarketCap Listing

● Add and Lock Liquidity to PancakeSwap

● Launch SupontisDAO

Stage Three

● Support For Cross-chain Transfer

● $PON Listings On UniSwap

● Supontis Staking

● Add and Lock Liquidity to UniSwap

● $PON Listings on CEXs

● Website and Whitepaper Update

● Influencer Marketing

Is Supontis Token A Scam?

No, Supontis Token is not a scam which is supported by the fact that Certik is its audit. Certik is the leading security platform that monitors blockchain and DeFi projects, ensuring they are safe and secure. Hence, PON tokens are safe to purchase. 
Although (PON) is not a scam, it is always best to further your research before making any decisions when it comes to crypto as each purchase comes with a level of risk. As the crypto market is constantly fluctuating, it is best to learn more about the market in general, as well as the token you are interested in.


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