Top 2 Cryptocurrency To Buy Now: Petrousus (PSUS) and Bitcoin(BTC)


Cryptocurrency has proved itself as a worthwhile investment. If you are looking to purchase tokens, you must opt for tokens with utility and credibility.  We’d be analyzing one coin and one token that can be a great addition to your crypto portfolio. In the remaining part of this piece, you’d find reasons why these tokens are considered top picks. Petrousus news…

Bitcoin (BTC)

Depending on who you ask, Bitcoin (BTC) has a different meaning. To some, it is just a store of value; to others, it would be a payment system. It would be safe to define Bitcoin (BTC) as a digital currency. How did Bitcoin (BTC) come about?

After the 2008 recession, Financial systems were down, and people were seeking new means of recovering their losses. During that period, a developer or group of developers designed something they called Bitcoin (BTC), a form of digital money. This digital money, Bitcoin (BTC), was designed to carry all the features of money, except governmental control.

Top 2 Cryptocurrency To Buy Now: Petrousus (PSUS) and Bitcoin(BTC)

We’d all agree that Bitcoin (BTC) differs from regular money. One of the main differentiating factors is decentralization. For government money like USD, GBP, and EUR, the bank is in control, as they act as middlemen. However,  Bitcoin is decentralized. It enables everyone to verify transactions and the credibility of the token they receive. It works in such a way that if any one computer stops functioning, another computer replaces it immediately. 

Many financial experts argue that Bitcoin (BTC) has more advantages than Fiat money. Aside from decentralization, it carries all features of money. Bitcoin (BTC) utilizes a halving technique to keep an infinite supply of 21 million, maintaining scarcity. Other features include divisibility, fungibility, portability, acceptability, and durability. 

Petrousus (PSUS)

Many conservative investors would stick with stacking Bitcoin, as it is the first and most trustworthy digital money. However, it is not entirely advisable for people looking to make significant returns from the crypto market. Bitcoin has experienced commendable value growth in the past, so investors believe it will take years for the token to reach 2x or 3x. Hence, investors should purchase altcoins like Petrousus (PSUS).

Petrousus (PSUS) is not just an altcoin. It aims to solve issues experienced with the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. The major problem with Bitcoin is scalability. With large transactions and network congestion, network fees increase. Hence, Petrousus (PSUS) token aims to deliver fast transactions throughout while offering easy access to different DeFi services.

The DeFi sector is relatively new and has experienced a lot of problems. The most pressing of these issues is scalability. Users are limited by the number of transactions they can carry out per time, plus users also struggle to carry out cross-chain transactions. In order to solve these issues, Petrousus (PSUS) built its token on the Binance smart chain, which is renowned for seamless transaction processing. Plus, Petrousus (PSUS) has a mobile app that will solve scalability issues. 

Another difficulty experienced in the DeFi sector is complexity. As a new technology, it is filled with technological jargon and a lot of intricate processes, thereby discouraging the everyday person with no-crypto knowledge. Hence, the team thought to create an educational system and also make the app mobile-friendly.

The team puts in a lot of processes to ensure that the project is transparent and also credible. Like the traditional stock market, Petrousus (PSUS) will ensure that all users receive a complete financial report of their transactions and trades. Trades are also limited to 10% of the available liquidity, hence, deterring whale moves. The team also has no access to the tokens except for transaction fees. So, the ecosystem is protected from a single developer’s carpet or rug pull. 

In addition to those mentioned above, there will also be staking, borrowing, and lending. Hence, users can make money from a transparent system. 

Petrousus (PSUS)


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