Build Your Crypto Wallet With Supontis, XRP and Uniswap


A long crypto winter has nosedived all tokens. Cryptocurrencies that led the large price surge in 2021 are now trading at a fraction of their peak. Supontis news…

The coin market continues to be highly volatile presenting a nerve-wracking moment for buyers. However, the anticipation of a market turnaround is strong. While there are many crypto tokens capable to enlarge your crypto wallet, high-potential new ones are also entering the cryptocurrency market. Buyers need to pick the right coins with assured future gains. 

Here are three crypto coins widely viewed as gifted to explode to new heights.

XRP: Crypto Alternative to Cross-Border Money Transfer

XRP is best known as the “crypto SWIFT.” Its cross-border transaction utility position XRP as the most affordable, easiest, and fastest alternative to the SWIFT system. To date, businesses and individuals have to depend on the SWIFT banking protocol to send and receive money at the international level. However, inefficiency in the banking system, high fees, sanctions, and delays often plague the SWIFT system. XRP could end this giving users a much-sought-after route for cross-border transactions.

The ease of using blockchain technology and low fees make XRP an attractive option in the coin market. It thrives on an open-coin network, partnership with financial institutions, and close social media integration. XRP prioritizes serving the financial needs of banks, businesses, and individuals. The network confirms a transaction in four to five seconds compared to hours taken by banks.

With many larger institutional markets adopting XRP, the cryptocurrency has turned to be a high-value coin. XRP ranks among the top five tokens and led the recovery from the June 2022 crypto crash with a 10% rise within a week.

Uniswap (UNI): Future Meets Growth

Build Your Crypto Wallet With Supontis, XRP and Uniswap

Designed as an ERC-20 token operating on the Ethereum blockchain, Uniswap pioneers the DeFi era. With a $5 billion locked value on the UNI network, it is the largest decentralized financial trading platform. UNI, the token, has a current market capitalization exceeding $3.5 billion. Due to its historic decentralized approach, Uniswap is expected to have immense growth potential in the coin market.

The open-source protocol ensures that the UNI ecosystem has continued access to liquidity. Users trade effortlessly in a safe environment while avoiding third parties and payment of commissions. Uniswap remains the most private and convenient network to trade digital assets and execute smart contracts in the cryptocurrency market.

Uniswap amply rewards UNI users for liquidity mining. About 60% of UNI tokens initially went to community members. Historical users received a sixth of it.

Supontis ($SUP): Blockchain at Grasp To Fuel Growth 

Supontis has the potential to revolutionize blockchain technology making it omnipotent for users. Meaning “the super bridge,” it defines interoperability in a different but high-utility way in the cryptocurrency market.  The $SUP network permits users to have blockchain access within an easy grasp to take its optimum benefit.

Supontis plans to create cross-chain bridging that allows seamless trading of digital assets on, Binance, Tron, and Ethereum blockchain. These bridges boost cross-chain data and information transfer, trading, transactions, and investments. It also creates a DAO with a degree of decentralization unseen anywhere in the coin market. This makes the $SUP platform the fulcrum of blockchain networks and aggregator of liquidity.

Supontis will derive its income to cover fees and rewards from the investment of the locked liquidity in low-risk ventures. A part of the income goes to the holders of $SUP cryptocurrency stocks as incentives. 

In a way, Supontis pairs the high gamut of processing power, speeds, and low cost of the Binance Smart Chain with easy, secure, and smart programmability borrowed from the Ethereum blockchain. The $SUP platform bridges the gap to ensure users enjoy the peak interconnectivity and end barriers in blockchain technology. The first phase $SUP presales start on July 18, 2022, with $0.0056 a coin.



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