What Can Happen If the SEC Wins the XRP Battle?


Share of Phra: US storage and Exchange Commission (Sec) is subject to the review of the preptograph for any charges. The program recently in Xrp test brought some astronomers. However, the Ripple case has yet to see its summary judgment.

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XRP Rules to Decide The Future of The Crypto Industry?

FOX Business Correspondent Charles Gasparino tweeted that crypto exchange Coinbase is developing a strategy to survive SEC regulatory crackdown on the digital infrastructure industry. This includes dealers who sell coins and trade names as securities.

However, this move comes as an expected summary judgment in the ongoing XRP case. This suggests that the SEC’s victory in the Ripple case may force the Bitcoin (BTC) side coin to register. He added that the crypto community is looking for more blood if the US SEC records a victory against Ripple in the XRP case. This will prompt the commission to introduce stricter rules.

A FOX business reporter pointed out that SEC oversight will affect almost every industry, including crypto exchanges. However, it will fulfill SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s desire to impose regulations on every crypto. John Deaton, amicus curiae in the Ripple case, said it deserves full coverage. As the XRP case is one of the most fraudulent law enforcement actions since 1946.

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