What is the Guffawli (GUFFAWLI) Token? The Ultimate Guide to the New Meme Cryptocurrency


New to the cryptocurrency market, the Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI) is a fully decentralized, community-driven meme cryptocurrency that is focused on encouraging free, open, and frank communication among its users and community members by leveraging blockchain technology. The Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI) aims to enable individuals in the financial sector to balance their psychological and mental health with healthy financial decisions. 

Is the Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI) a rug pull?

The Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI) is not a scam. This is because the Guffawli team is focused on bridging the gap between; greed and fear, and common sense and self-control that investors and crypto enthusiasts experience by bringing about sustainable and implementable strategies and protocols to ensure that every investor and crypto enthusiast is well carried along with the token’s activity every step of the way. Doing this 

will lessen or eliminate fear and help to coordinate wise financial decisions that will be profitable for every investor and crypto enthusiast in the long run.

The Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI) is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which is regarded as one of the largest blockchain networks in the cryptocurrency market. The token is built on this blockchain network because it provides faster transaction speeds and cheaper transaction fees than many other blockchain networks. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is exceptionally flexible and is therefore compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The blockchain also allows smart contract functionality and enables developers to move from the Ethereum blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) seamlessly.

What is the Guffawli (GUFFAWLI) Token? The Ultimate Guide to the New Meme Cryptocurrency

It is also very unlikely that the Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI) is a rug pull because the token utilizes a mechanism known as the “Guffawli Token Unruggable Mechanism” that is made up of:

  • 6% Team Wallet Allocation
  • Fairly Distributed Presale
  • No Presale Wallets would hold > 1%
  • No minting function exists in the Guffawli contract
  • Contract Audit In Progress

This mechanism was created to safeguard the funds of the Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI) holders. However, due to the risks and lack of regulation associated with the cryptocurrency market, investors and crypto enthusiasts should conduct adequate research before proceeding to purchase the meme cryptocurrency.

What makes the Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI) unique?

The Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI) is unique because it utilizes the mechanism of an  Automated Liquidity pool. What this means is liquidity pool (LP) providers are provided with various tokenomic structures with incentives in order for them to add tokens into the pool through the use of a smart contract and earn rewards in return. The mechanism of the Automated liquidity pool for strengthening the price and liquidity of the Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI).  Additionally, any system or protocol that is added with these smart contracts could have the effect of heightening the Guffawli tokenomics.

What is the token distribution of the Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI)?

The Guffawli token (GUFFAWLI) has a total maximum supply of 10 billion GUFFAWLI tokens of which 40% are utilized as liquidity, 6% are utilized by the Guffawli team, 22% serve as rewards for users and holders of the token, 7% are utilized as promotion of the token, and 25% are locked for future use. 

To Find Out More About Guffawli Token (GUFFAWLI), Read This Article;

Website: http://guffawli.io/ 

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