What is the High-Potential Cryptocurrency Project of 2023?


The bear market, which has affected the global crypto sector throughout the year, is not over yet. The collapse in the crypto market, which began towards the middle of this year, continued to affect not only investors and financial companies, but all connected areas. The bankruptcy filings of hedge funds, the resignation of names at the top of crypto exchanges, and the decline in crypto currencies brought a lot of problems with them.

The relatively modest increases in crypto currencies in recent days have given investors a bit of a breather. As the end of the year approaches, investors are researching which crypto currencies will have high potential in 2023. In this regard, the end of 2022 testifies to the launch of pre-sales of some stellar projects. Despite being a difficult year for the market, it seems that investors have shown great interest in well-known cryptocurrencies, as well as projects that build ecosystems with real value.

As the crypto market approaches recovery, investors are considering recalibrating their crypto portfolio or creating a completely new portfolio. However, in a sea where there are more than 20 thousand crypto coins, if you don’t know which crypto coins are expected to rise, continue reading our article.

No matter how clichéd it sounds, information is really seen as a power when it comes to investment. Because the information gives you the chance to detect it before the next trend happens.

Here are the best high-potential crypto currency options, according to their team’s claim at the time of preparation of the article for the year 2023;

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – High Potential Crypto Currency Offering Market Analysis

The crypto-focused information and analysis platform Dash 2 Trade, which is currently in the second stage of its pre-sale, continues to raise funds rapidly. In one week, about $ 2.9 million in funds were raised. Following the completion of the pre-sale event of the Dash 2 Trade (D2T) token, which consists of a total of 9 stages, the 1st of the year 2023. it will become available for purchase and sale at the first stock market listing in the quarter.

It is said that a total of nine stages can be concluded in two to three months or even faster, since the Learn 2 Trade community already has more than 70 thousand members.

Although the listing price will be decided in a process close to the time of the first DEX and CEX listings, the final pre-sale 2. the stage price is $ 0.0553. It is thought that the current price of the D2T token will increase by ekip within 1 month at the latest. For this reason, it makes sense to make your investment decision quickly. It is hoped that the Dash 2 Trade token will have room for growth as a low-market-value coin, potentially testing the $0.10 level. However, these are the Dash2 Trade team’s own opinions.

Calvaria (RIA– – Popular Play-Win Card Crypto Game

The pre-sale of Calvaria, which offers a brand new Play-to-Win (P2E) ecosystem in which players will have the opportunity to fight against each other, continues. Analysts claim that RIA, Calvaria’s native token, which could become popular in the coming years with the great interest it will see from Splinterlands and Hearthstone fans, could be a high-potential crypto investment.

At the current stage of the pre-sale, which consists of a total of 10 parts, 30,000,000 RIA are sold. It is reported that RIA, like D2T, will increase in price at each stage. 3 of Calvaria’s RIA tokens pre-sale. it can be purchased at $ 0.02 each at the stage. That is, 50 RIA tokens correspond to one USDT. The RIA coin will have a value of approximately $0.01 to $0.055 during the pre-sales. Dec.

IMPT.io (IMPT) – Environmental Crypto Money that You Can Buy

1 of the pre-sale event of a new cryptocurrency token IMPT, which aims to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. the stage ended successfully. The environmentalist altcoin, which managed to raise more than $ 10.8 million in funds, its first stage target, will now list 22 percent of the token supply, which amounts to 60 million tokens, in the second pre-sale stage. IMPT can be purchased in this round for $0.23 per token.

The IMPT project, which continues to attract the attention of environmentally conscious investors, has partnerships with giant companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft, according to the statement made by the team. These brands allocate a certain percentage of their sales margin for environmental projects. That is why IMPT is claimed to be one of the best projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions that will help our environment.

Since the excitement around this project is huge, in the opinion of the team, it can be said that it is currently the greenest cryptocurrency that can be purchased on the market and provide nice profits. Because it uses the features of the blockchain market, helps companies avoid fraud, and has existing carbon assets.

TamaDoge (TAMA) – Deflationary Cryptocurrency with High Return Potential

Tamadoge (TAMA), the Play–to-Win Metaverse gaming ecosystem where game lovers will play games and earn money on them, is the 4th in our list of high-potential crypto coins. he takes his place next. TamaDoge, one of the newest dog–themed Play – Win meme coins, stands out as one of the cryptos developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Tamadoge token reached the upper limit target of 19 million dollars on September 18, 2022 and completed the pre-sale event in just 8 weeks. This pre-sale had been one of the most talked about sales rounds of this year. In the Metaverse universe, NFT pets can be created with Tamadoge tokens, which offer various possibilities to users.

When users feed their NFT pet enough, they can fight with other players and earn Tamadoge tokens as a reward. The fact that it is in a deflationary structure also indicates that, according to the team’s claim, the TOTAL supply will never increase. In this regard, it is claimed that as the popularity of the Metaverse universe increases in the future and given its limited supply, the value of the TAMA token will also increase.

Battle Infinity (IBAT) – High-Expectation Cryptocurrency with the Best Pre-Sale

Battle Infinity, a crypto gaming platform based on NFT and Metaverse, is also another of the most prominent digital assets of the year 2022, which is included in our list of crypto coins with potential. So much so that Battle Infinity hosted one of the best pre-sale events this year and sold out early due to high demand.

Thanks to its exciting Play–to-Win (P2E) features and NFT integration, Battle Infinity is considered one of the best new cryptocurrencies on the market, according to the team. Thanks to the staking feature launched in late September, investors can also lock their tokens for a certain period of time and get the opportunity to earn rewards in return.

Batte Infinity, the popular Metaverse Play-to-Win (P2E) game, is claimed to be one of the crypto currency projects that will increase its value over the years while appealing to long-term investors.

Cosmos (ATOM– – Coin with the Potential to Rise with Blockchain Technology

Cosmos, various block chain Dapps (merkeziyetsiz applications) that facilitates communication between a crypto currency is an attempt to. For example, ATOM allows competing blockchains such as Bitcoin and Cardano to communicate with each other. While there are other projects with similar features, Cosmos also allows developers to build Dapps on top of its platform.

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