Which Were the Best Blockchain Games in 2022?


Blockchain games are a part of the digital industry that is in high demand. Technology has provided many growth opportunities for startups, especially those who want to start a startup in the Web3 sphere. This section has many players, but not all of them have been able to fulfill their promise, or more than their vision, to establish a unique perspective in the competition.

The report talks about those blockchains that support the changing nature of the gaming sector during 2022. BNB Smart Chain will be the one to start the list. It seems to be going ahead with the NFT market. In view of the growth of the gaming sector and the increase in the number of users, BNB Smart Chance has directed most of its resources to work on gambling.

The result is that the platform is now 36.6% of games built on blockchains. 2022 has given him much needed success and a lot to look forward to next year. Arbitrum is promoting the process in 2022 through Layer-2 Rollup Arbitrum, thanks to Treasure DAO and its organic growth in the current year. Gamers and developers who trust blockchain see a lot of potential in the network. Solana continued to search for the game that would make him appear on the list. It is now standing firm with the game titles it already has on the shelf. 2023 could be a challenge if it is stable instead of getting more additions.

The network has seen activity focusing on other blockchain networks. Gambling is something he still manages. The Solana Ventures team has sponsored several games so far. It seeks to pursue further development in society through evolutionary methods.

There is almost no change at the top of the list. Web3 Games has grown at the same time as the NFT sector, which is now integrated with it. Immutable did not jump at the moment to take advantage of this opportunity. Gamestop NFT shows that NFT is a very important part of the digital world.

One move that puts Immutable in a strong position is the introduction of NFTs into its virtual world. All of Web3’s strategy now revolves around digital content placed in the virtual world for players to realize its value.

Polygon climbs the chart from anywhere by anyone. Ryan Wyatt started the journey to the top as soon as he was hired as the general manager of Polygon Studios. His experience as the head of YouTube Gaming has enabled the entire company to forge relationships with top brands. A third party offering and partnership is planned for 2023 by Polygon Studios. 2022 could be the year of the highest rated work; However, 2023 may be the time when projects will show their true potential.

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