Why Everyone Is Discussing The Quilvius (QUIL) Token


Quilvius (QUIL) is a new blockchain project in the cryptocurrency world that is focused solely on cultural services. It is the first crypto project that aims not to make money but to make people happy. Th Quilvius (QUIL) project will make it possible for all individuals and participants involved in the community ecosystem to profit from creativity, knowledge acquisition, engagement, sharing, and much more.

The (QUIL) project will enable authors to sell as many books, writings, or articles as possible while maintaining passive income over time and making a profit as long as individuals purchase, read, or discuss the books and articles on the Quilvius (QUIL) platform. (QUIL) will assist readers and authors by eliminating the need for pirated publications and promoting the educational sector. Investors will achieve financial success and also make positive contributions to society with the help of the (QUIL) project.

The Quilvius (QUIL) is a Metaverse project built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which has four (4) different universes for itself. All shopping and investments to be made by users and investors in the Quilvius ecosystem will be made with the QUIL token. The QUIL is the native cryptocurrency of the Quilvius platform.

What is Quilvius (QUIL) Token? 

The Quilvius (QUIL) token was created and designed to demonstrate how the decentralization of Blockchain technology can benefit individuals. In the (QUIL) ecosystem, every member is treated equally as it is a decentralized nature blockchain

The QUIL is a BSC token that will serve as the fuel to drive the (QUIL) ecosystem, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 QUIL and a built-in redistribution mechanism. The (QUIL) ecosystem distributes 3% of transactions to its holders, ensuring the money in the holder’s wallet increases over time.

The (QUIL) ecosystem consists of four (4) different universes – the QVRead (Quilvius Readers), QVAuth (Quilvius Authors), QVTrns (Quilvius Translators) and

QVInvst (Quilvius Investors). These universes are built with distinct features for different user groups. 

The QVRead universe is a universe where users who love to read books and articles will have unlimited access to book resources. They will also access the most popular licensed movies, series, TV shows, and programs in the universe. The QVAuth is a universe designed for writers and creators. Here, authors and content creators have the chance to promote their works in the Metaverse and earn from it.

The QVTrns universe is designed for translators willing to render translation services and earn income from rendering these services. The QVInvst universe is created for investors willing to invest in the field of culture and art. These universes can be accessed and enjoyed using the virtual reality feature.

Why Everyone Is Discussing The Quilvius (QUIL) Token

Reasons To Invest in Quilvius (QUIL)

Investing in the (QUIL) ecosystem has several advantages. Investors will gain many rewards and profit from the different features and universes of the ecosystem, alongside helping the local community. The (QUIL) ecosystem also provides job allowances and openings for individuals in the local community. Also, it enables individuals and members to expand their customer base by giving them a much larger platform to display their creative works. 

Individuals who purchase the (QUIL) token can earn and stack bonuses. For instance, when a user purchases the QUIL token with the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency in the first stage of its presale, the user is rewarded with a 20% bonus for purchasing with ETH and an extra 10% bonus for buying in the first stage of the presale.

There are many other instances to receive bonuses and rewards during the presale. The holders and investors of the (QUIL) token also earn by storing tokens in their wallets, purchasing books directly from authors, participating in surfing trades, and using the QUIL tokens for transactions.

For more info on the Quilvius (QUIL) token, visit:

Website: https://www.quilvius.com/

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